Getting to the root of emotional wellbeing at work

A new model for addressing emotional wellbeing and essential needs

Thought leaders and researchers at Kumanu, analyzing a nationally representative sample of U.S. workers gathered by The Harris Poll, developed a new model for employee wellbeing better aligned to the root causes of workforce wellbeing today. Structured Equation Modeling techniques finds:

  • Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)—impacting roughly one in three full-time employees—pose an external threat to resilience and mental health, stressing the importance of addressing the full spectrum from essential needs to emotional wellbeing.
  • A sense of purpose is strongly associated with emotional self-regulation, a statistically powerful predictor of resilience, which is strongly associated with lower anxiety, depression, and sleep disturbances.
  • Other than age, a sense of purpose is the strongest factor measured in terms of COVID-19 vaccine willingness (stronger than demographics and other factors).
  • The combination of purpose, emotional self-regulation, and resilience is strongly associated with higher work engagement and stronger employee retention.

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